Precision Press is making history with a R70 million investment in servo press technology. The new 630 Ton Schuler Servo Drive Transfer Press is the first of its kind in South Africa and is set to transform metal pressings in the automotive sector.

 A new manufacturing site in Port Elizabeth has been set up to house the servo press equipment as well as create employment opportunities in the area. The Press employs Servo drive technology which provides a significant increase in production efficiency and component quality and at the same time has the capability to press higher strength steels. The press has been set up to accommodate both progressive and transfer dies.

Examples of the products that can be manufactured are air bag inflator holders, spare wheel housing, vehicle bumper brackets, seats and window metal parts. Further value adding operations, such as welding of threaded nuts and studs, and riveting sub assemblies in the die can be performed during the normal cycle of the press.

“We are very excited to announce that the installation of this Press will be complete by December 2014 and production operations will begin in January 2015. This investment is a significant achievement for both G.U.D. Holdings (Pty) Ltd and the Precision Press Division. Our reputation for delivery of exceptional customer service and quality components will be enhanced further, as a result of the introduction of this innovative metal pressing operations.” says Simon Ledgerwood, Managing Director, Precision Press.

Precision Press was recently acquired by G.U.D. Holdings, leading manufacturer of automotive products representing premium brands, G.U.D. Filters, FRAM Filters, Indy Oil and Safeline Brake Pads. With the new partnership and the introduction of Servo Press technology the automotive industry can look forward to many more exciting developments.