Precision Press product samples

Product samples

Emcon Technologies

exhaust bracket with in die tapping

- Stainless Steel Exhaust brackets for Catalytic Converters
- End Cones for catalytic converters
- Used for direct export to Ford and General Motors


Senior Automotive

end cap

– Exhaust End Caps
– Tube Forming and Assembly


Control Instruments Gabriel

Mounting bracket - shock absorber

– Shock Absorber brackets
– Shock Absorber Spring Seats
– Brake Line brackets
– Safety Critical components


Donaldson Filtration Systems

– Deep Drawn Fuel Filter Canisters


Gud Filters

brazed filter lid

– Brazed Fuel Filter lid assemblies
– Export to German OEM and Aftermarket


Takata Petri
– Steering wheel airbag bracket



airbag housing

– Airbag Housings
– Holder Assemblies
– Seat Belt Brackets and Buckles