Precision Press as component manufacturer

What we do

> Component manufacture

> On-site zinc-nickel coating

> Tool design, manufacture and maintenance

> Additional capabilities


Component manufacture

Precision Press has carved a niche as a reliable supplier of safety-critical automotive components for a number of the leading marques.


Our capabilities include:

- Metal pressings up to 400 tonnes
- Progression tools up to 2.8m long
- Weld nut and stud assemblies – 100% electronic inspection of
  nut and thread
- Tox Point riveting
- Controlled atmosphere furnace for brazed assemblies
- In-die tapping, eliminates the need for weld nuts
- Short, medium and very high volume production runs


On-site zinc-nickel coating

Precision Press is the first South African automotive component manufacturer to offer zinc-nickel coatings onsite, setting a new benchmark for local ingenuity and innovation.


Zinc-nickel coatings offer some of the highest protection barriers to corrosion – particularly for items that are exposed to high-heat zones, such as engine compartments.


In an accelerated salt-spray test chamber, this type of coating typically offers 240 hours of protection to white rust and 720 hours to red rust. In Precision Press’s case, the consistent quality achieved by the fully automated system, together with additional organic sealer, extends the protective life to well in excess of 1 000 hours in the test chamber.


Tool design, manufacture and maintenance

Precision Press has forged relationships with several international tool design and manufacturing companies. Not only is the quality of the tools up to world-class standards but the turnaround time of manufacture is outstanding.


Through these ISO 9001-rated manufacturers Precision Press is able to offer leading-edge technology such as in-die tapping, in-die welding of nuts, in-die nut clinching, multiple component manufacture using long progression tools and TiN and TD coated tools.


Tools represent an enormous investment and Precision Press is proud to employ some of the finest craftsmen available to care for and repair these multi-million Rand pieces of equipment. In addition to the international tool making partnerships, the company is also able to locally manufacture to the most exhaustive global standards.


Additional capabilities

Precision Press’s modern premises are laid out to maximise productivity and quality control. The various presses are interlinked by roller conveyors, to minimise wip and improve material handling, housekeeping and ergonomics.


Our sub-assembly and ancillary capabilities include:

- Projection welding, 250KVA capacity
- Spot welding, 250 KVA capacity
- Multispot welding (four simultaneous spot welds), 500KVA
- Rumbler deburring of components
- Washing of components
- Final finishing, linishing, pack and corrosion protection work cell


While we spend our day working with the finest grades of steel, our real strength lies in the quality of personnel. We employ a full complement of support staff, including technical design, maintenance, inspectors, toolmakers, skilled production setters, logistics and financial staff.